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Pub tours are so much fun heres’ how to make sure yours works well.

Firstly a theme is always good, nothing is funnier than rocking up to a bar with camo, or glow in the dark costumes on, so get everyone in the mood with a theme.

Secondly the best places to take your crew, well hey we know that , we know the bars and clubs that will firstly welcome a big group to come in for a short time. If live music is what your after I know the best bars to take you, Karaoke, or dance bars, you name it we know who’s good and who isn’t around town

Try and get your crew at a central spot, its cuts down on wasting good valuable drinking time on the bus.

We can do multiple stops on the way back to ensure your crew don’t drink and drive and are taken back home safely.

Good music lists, the best music that works on the buses is super cheesy sing a long, we have a huge list of that kind of music, or bring your own song list. Don’t stop and start music get the music escalating and have everyone really involved in partying, after all thats’ our speciality.

Food is always important for any party, and well hey we provide that free of charge! So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

So you have, music, food, booze, and a wicked crew to look after you with

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