Payment Terms

Your booking is only confirmed once you have paid the $200/ Deposit in advance.

Full payment is to be paid into the Getapartybus bank account 7 days prior to departure. If for any reason you cancel your booking and have paid for the full hire, GPB will endeavour to do another outing for you but your hire cost will not be returned.

Any extra hire time on the night will be $300 per hour. Time extensions are at the discretion of the driver due to their NZTA Log Book requirements, and all extra charges must be paid for prior to extension. Please note that if you cancel your booking, you will forfeit your deposit.

The hirer is responsible for any damage incurred to the bus during the hire. GPB will not be held responsible for any damage caused intentionally or otherwise to people or property the organiser will be held liable to cover any and all additional costs incurred. It is your responsibility who you have on the bus. Drop-off time means the bus must drop you off at your final destination by that time. If you have ordered “Entertainment” on the bus, we use Allstar Strippers and their terms & conditions also apply to this hire. If for any reason you cancel your “Entertainment” you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee from Allstar Strippers.

How it Works

GPB is fully licensed like a bar, and is a safe and fun transport option for you and your friends. You can dance, sing, or relax. WE ASK THAT YOU BYO FOOD! We have a few rules and guidelines to keep everyone safe and within the law. We only allow responsible drinking behaviour. NO SMOKING is permitted on the bus at all times. Most of Auckland is covered by a Liquor Ban. It is against the law to consume alcohol off the bus in a public place . NO drinks are allowed to be taken off the bus at any time. Getapartybus has a Full On Licence so alcohol can be sold and supplied on the bus. NO BYO Alcohol at any time! If the bus is late on arrival, extra time will be added to the end of the hire, as we are not in control of traffic delays, or event delays. In this instance you will be contacted via phone call.

Hire will be terminated immediately if:

  • Any willful damage is caused to the bus. You will be liable for any damage
  • Any verbal, physical abuse or threatening behavior is displayed to the driver or duty manager on board. By anyone!
  • Fighting occurs on the bus by passengers
  • If you try to BYO
  • If anyone interferes with door controls, emergency controls, drivers controls, roof hatches etc
  • If you damage or break any emergency exits you will be charge a minimum of $500 for repairs.
  • If anyone urinates in public or on the bus
  • There will be a clean up fee if one of  your group vomits

We reserve the right to:

Insist on compulsory sober up stops. KFC/MCDONALDS etc.

Evict persons that are: Not following the rules, too out of control or are over intoxicated, or are throwing things from the bus. We insist anyone over intoxicated should be sent home in a taxi. It is in your best interest and safety to do so.

Please note also…

Lost property

GPB is not liable for any property lost on the party buses, wherever possible if we find property you will be alerted and asked to pick up, we will destroy property after 2 weeks if not picked up.