Bus & Brews Tour

Beer and brews tour

$1500 for 5 hours*

Package includes:

This beer tour is fabulous, if vineyards aren’t you thing this 5 hour tour up The Hibiscus Coast is just the thing. The tour starts at 12 or 1pm and goes for 5 hours in this time you get to go to Puhoi first then over to The Wade another great Iconic Auckland pub then over to the infamous Riverhead Tavern or Hallertau Brewery. We can add in the brewery tour at Hallertau for $19 pp! We can do lunch at The Wade for $25pp and add that into the tour.

A nice day, good tunes and lots of flowing amber nectar with nice food too boot!

*Pay an additional $25 per person for lunch and $19 per person for the Hallertau Brewery Tour (brewery tour)